Turn your dog from menace to Mighty Mutt


Dog Walking
This is a 1 hour interactive walk to mentally and physically EXERCISE your dog. I work on polite leash manners and problem behaviours (lunging, barking, etc.) while incorporating new mental exercises like teaching your dog new tricks to mentally stimulate them. I also incorporate fun games such as tug, fetch and jogging to break up the walk and physically exercise your dog so he/she goes home tired! Mighty Mutts does not walk more than 2 dogs at once unless they are from the same household as my goal is to focus on the needs of each dog.
1 dog $27.00/hour
2 dogs (from same household only) $33.00/hour
discounts available for 10 or more sessions
DISCOUNTS FOR RESCUES! (is your dog a rescue? Show us proof and save $5.00/session)
Covers: Polite leash manners (walking exercise)
  Sit, down, come (with distance, duration and distractions)
  Getting the dogs attention with distractions
  Down out of motion
  Down from recall
  Problem behaviours
  No prior training needed to join!
All commands will be taught with distance, duration, and distractions
Private sessions
Each session is approximately 1 hour in length. $65.00/session
Semi-Private Sessions (2 3 ppl)
Each session is approximately 1 hour in length. $55.00/session
Group Classes
Special cases such as aggression and problem behaviours vary greatly from dog to dog, please contact us for a quote
Nutrition Guidance Session $50.00/half hour
Not sure what is in your dogs food? We can show you how to read labeling and choose the right diet for your Companion.
MATCH-MAKING $50.00 for initial consultation
Looking for a new addition to the family? We can help you find the perfect companion! Please contact me to discuss what dog will fit your lifestyle. I work closely with many animal rescues and humane societies including the Mississauga Humane Society where I am an avid volunteer trainer. I have been matching dogs with new families with great sucess over the years.
We strongly encourage you to consider a rescue before contacting a breeder.