Turn your dog from menace to Mighty Mutt
EVERY DOG NEEDS A JOB! And that’s our main focus here at Mighty Mutts. We use the dogs natural instincts through prey drive to urge the dog so it ‘wants’ not ‘has’ to obey.  You’ll be surprised to see how eager your dog is to work for you!!!  Our method of balanced training will greatly improve your relationship and give you and your dog the confidence and trust to achieve great things together! Gain your dogs trust and know that you will have control of your dog in any situation. Know your dog is safe because it understands you. Create a happier, healthier relationship between you and your K9 Companion. Let your dog show you that it can be a mighty mutt! Join today and begin the relationship of a lifetime.
Servicing Toronto and the GTA and Specializing in Aggression, Obedience and Problem Behaviours.
Certified by the only government accredited program in Canada Canada
In Other News!!!

So proud to be mentioned in this Toronto Star article featuring rescue dog Bo!